Yes, I want to become a member.

Here Is How To Join:

Log on to the Doctors of BC website and sign up for the SEM. If you haven’t paid your Doctors of BC dues a big red box appears indicating you need to do so. Once you have paid/if you have already paid DoBC dues, click on “My Dues, Sections…”  to join the SEM.

“I will-never-ever-join-the-DoBC” members can fill in the application form linked below and mail with payment directly to Krystaleah Lindsay, SEM Treasurer.
2017 SEM Application Form (PDF)


Why Become a Member?

Answer one (1) – It is self-serving:

You may have many expenses – and money may be tight; however, your best investment is your Section of Emergency Medicine (SEM) membership.

The SEM thrives if it represents all Emergency Physicians.
You thrive as an Emergency Physician, when the SEM is strong.

It was the SEM:

  • that won you large fee and sessional increases in 2006 and 2010
  • that helped convince Government to add many sites to the APP system, and helped push for additional ER Physician-staffing to APP sites in 2010
  • Successfully obtained and distributed funding ($ 450K) for enhanced CME for Emergency Physicians with specialist credentials from Specialist Service Committee (SSC) funds. (Program completed March 2015)
  • That helped push for additional APP ER Physician-staffing in the new PMA, and has recently helped coordinate region-by-region applications for the new funding through the Health Authority process of decision-making
  • Who made the successful arguments to the Alternative Payment Committee (APC) that provided increased funding to Emergency Fees (approximately $11,000/ APP ER FTE) and recently-paid retro-payments up to 2015
  • Who made the successful arguments to the Allocation Committee (AC) that provided increased funding to Emergency Fees ($5,000/ER FTE) starting April 2016
  • Who are presently crafting and articulating the argument for further increases to the “grid” funding/FTE for ER physicians on APP to the new Allocation Committee “AC” based on problems of recruitment and retention

We are the ones:

  • right now representing your interests in discussions at Ministry and Health Authority level regarding ways to address ED Overcrowding and other issues that make life difficult for ED patients and doctors
  • Arguing strenuously on your behalf for consistent interpretation of Emergency Fees by MCP. Working to decrease the retributive audit process
  • Protecting your interests in the fine print of Template Contract language


Answer two (2) – It is the right thing to do:

All this work on your behalf requires sacrifice by your colleagues on the SEM Executive: sacrifice of income from clinical shift-work, of time with family and friends, and of energy that could be spent doing things we enjoy doing.

Please, respect the effort your executive makes for you and join (or re-join) today.
Please join over 400 colleagues in shouldering your fair share of the burden.