UBC EM Mass Gathering Medicine Interest Group – Research Project

The UBC Department of Emergency Medicine’s Mass Gathering Medicine Interest Group would like to invite physicians who have provided medical care at mass gathering community events to participate in a short research project where we hope to validate and test the inter-observer reliability and accuracy of a standardized triage and acuity scaling system for use at mass gathering medicine (MGM) events.  By having a valid triage and discharge acuity scaling system, it is hoped that the planning of medical services, resource allocation, efficiency of protocols, and communication between care providers will offer a standardized approach for providers of medical care at large community events.

Your participation would include reviewing a short, self-directed teaching PowerPoint presentation available in an online format.  The teaching slides will be followed by a 30 question, case-based “post-test” that will ask you to select one of five triage acuity levels (black, red, yellow, green, or white). This can be done at your convenience anywhere you have access to the internet.

Most respondents have completed the teaching session and the post-test in ~25 minutes.

We are able to recognize up to 25 respondents with a token of appreciation for their time spent by way of a $10 Starbucks™ or Tim Horton’s™ gift card.  Though this does not recognize the true value of your time, we want to show our appreciation for your contribution to this scholarly activity.  We will be presenting results from this survey at the World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine in May in Manchester, England.

If you are willing to participate, please see the attached “recruitment poster” and e-mailkerrie@ubcmgm.ca.

Thanks for considering. This invitation is going out to members of the Section of Emergency Medicine.  If you know of other physician colleagues who have been involved in events who might consider participating, please forward this invitation to them as well.




Adam Lund, BSc, MD, MDE, FRCPC (Emergency)
Emergency Physician, Academic Director
Royal Columbian & Eagle Ridge Hospitals
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, UBC
Adjunct Professor, School of Nursing, UBC

TAS DAS P2P1 Recruitment Poster 2012 07 03 Final-1