Technologies in Emergency Care (TEC) Conference, May 12 – 13, 2023

Virtual and digital health is fast becoming widespread, and has affected the ED in unforeseen ways. Take part in shaping the future of digital health, transforming it to become a benefit for the ED at TEC Conference 2023.

For the past 4 years, folks from the VGH ED (myself included), have been putting together the annual Technologies in Emergency Care (TEC) Conference, which brings together clinicians, policy makers, researchers, and technology companies to discuss emerging technologies in emergency care. For this year’s iteration, we have decided to take a strategic pivot in format to give focused attention to a very important/seemingly contentious topic for EPs throughout BC and nation-wide: Digital Health.

As you know, digital health is an umbrella term encompassing everything from virtual health, rural/remote decision support, remote patient monitoring, and much more. With the rapid adoption of digital health through the pandemic, compounded with the attrition of family medicine, the ED has experienced some of the negative unintended consequences of these changes.

At TEC 2023, we would like to shape the future of digital health, transforming it to become a benefit for the ED.

To begin such an ambitious aim, with the help of organizing partners (Health Canada, Healthcare Excellence Canada, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Canadian Institutes for Health Information, Canada Health Infoway, Canadian Medical Association) we are bringing together the chief stakeholders to drive this change. We count the SEM as a key stakeholder as we need clinician voices to drive/tell policy-makers what effective digital health looks like with the ED in mind. The chief output of TEC 2023 is a set of papers designed to shape policy by being informed by key stakeholders (in attendance at TEC 2023) and outlines what essential digital health looks like. Chief among these papers of interest to EPs would be: (1) clinical digital health best practices, (2) end users’ experience of digital health, (3) creating a learning health system for continuous improvement of digital health, and (4) the impact of private digital health on the public system.

TEC 2023 will occur this year May 13th, 2023, 0900-1300, physician attendance is free, and our main ask is for you as SEM presidents to consider being present to help represent emergency physician needs, and if you feel it reasonable, to allow for TEC 2023 to be promoted within the SEM. Only by bringing clinicians to the table can we affect positive change for EM, and we are hopeful that TEC 2023 will be a valuable venue for engagement in that regard.

Wayne Choi