David Haughton Leadership Award Winners

Dr. Kevin McMeel (2024)


Shannon Hammersley presented Kevin McMeel with the David Haughton Award for his considerable accomplishments in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Kevin McMeel has significantly impacted emergency medicine in British Columbia, notably through founding the Nanaimo Emergency Education Program (NEEP) and related initiatives like the Emergency Residency and Ultrasound Fellowship programs. His work has not only advanced medical education but also improved patient care through the integration of ultrasound technology, benefiting physicians and communities alike. Kevin’s leadership and innovative approach have been instrumental in enhancing emergency medicine, especially in rural areas, fostering a new generation of healthcare professionals. Beyond his professional achievements, Kevin is revered for his integrity, empathy, and ability to inspire and unite the medical community. His dedication to medical excellence and compassionate care has earned him The David Haughton Award, celebrating his lasting contribution to healthcare and his profound influence on colleagues and patients. Dr. McMeel’s legacy is marked by his passion for education and commitment to improving emergency medicine.


Dr. William Cunningham (2022)

Dr. William Cunningham, BCMA’s new president, in the emergency department of the Cowichan District Hospital. July 12, 2013, Victoria, BC. Photograph by Diana Nethercott.

Dr. William Cunningham was presented with the Haughton Award as a testament to his unparalleled contributions to Emergency Medicine and his pivotal role in its development and advocacy at provincial levels, including the formation of The Section of Emergency Medicine. His dedication has left an indelible mark on the field, with countless hours spent advocating for our specialty, often single-handedly navigating complex issues with unmatched tenacity. Beyond his professional achievements, William’s compassionate, respectful, and professional demeanour underscores his excellence as a clinician, remembered fondly by colleagues and patients alike. His critical role during negotiations, particularly in addressing workload and staffing pressures, showcases his exceptional leadership and strategic insight. As the former president of the BCMA, William continues to make significant contributions, notably through his role as Medical Director for primary care in Island Health, further emphasizing his worthiness of receiving the Haughton Award. His legacy not only reflects his personal sacrifices and commitment to Emergency Medicine but also his significant impact on healthcare in British Columbia.


Dr. Julian Marsden (2020)


Dr. S. Hammersly presented the David Haughton Leadership Award to Dr. Julian Marsden and commented on his significant work with the residency program at St. Paul’s Hospital (SPH), the SPH Conference in Whistler, the Carpe Diem program at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and his overall strive for excellence in emergency medicine. Dr. Hammersly acknowledged the four other nominees noting they were all worthy candidates for the award. Dr. Marsden accepted the award and expressed his gratitude for the honour.


Dr. David Haughton (2018)

David Haughton was the first recipient for the prestigious award created in his name. David’s presidency at the Section of Emergency Medicine has been marked by exemplary leadership, characterized by integrity, warmth, and a profound ability to inspire and nurture growth. His approach, grounded in honest and respect, fostered an environment where patients, peers, and colleagues alike felt valued and understood. David’s strategic vision and leadership presence spearheaded significant change initiatives and development in the Society. His talent for building strategic partnerships and motivating others towards a compelling future vision has not only achieved remarkable results but also set a new standard for leadership within the Section. David’s tenure is a testament to his visionary leadership, leaving a lasting legacy that will continue to influence and inspire.