May 2019 AGM Minutes:

Resident Update and Plans for Succession

Dr. B. Tuyp, informed that two resident applications for SEM Executive membership had been received and accepted and he welcomed Drs. A. Gomez and L. Cassidy to the SEM. It was noted that Dr. Tuyp will be joining the SEM Executive Committee as full member. 

Resident Business Training Workshop

Dr. G. McInnes held a FFS Billing Seminar with fifth-year residents and Certificants of the College of Family Physicians of Emergency Medicine (CCFP-EM) on June 12, 2019 via video conference. The purpose of the seminar was to ensure that doctors new to practice were aware of how to bill correctly. This workshop is highlighted as a benefit to resident members of the SEM. 

In response to a request that the workshop be recorded and used for training at other sites, concerns with liability and wrongful distribution were discussed. It was noted that the workshop information will be provided on the SEM website and accessible to SEM members.

With the above in mind, the following links encompass information shared at the June “Billing Education Transition Into Practice” or “BETIP” Seminar.

2019 BETIP Course Material

BETIP Presentation Slides 2019