The SEM Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Subcommittee was founded to help assure that the principles of EDI are reflected in the Emergency Medicine workforce throughout BC.  The subcommittee is generously supported by the SEM and Doctors of BC and meets monthly using a rotating committee chair to foster inclusivity and transparency.  It’s early work focused on the development of an evidence-based toolkit summarizing best-practice in EDI recruitment, retention, and promotion in the ED workforce which was published and subsequently has been promoted and disseminated through social media.  The committee continues to advocate for EDI in the workplace through assessing hiring practices and pay equity in BC’s Emergency Departments, including review of fee structures within Fee-for-Service settings and environmental considerations and policies within Alternate Payment Plans, seeking opportunities to advocate for positive change.  The SEM EDI subcommittee works closely with the UBC Department of Emergency Medicine EDI Committee to develop and promote educational opportunities for trainees and staff alike.  Most recently, the subcommittee has been exploring social emergency medicine initiatives across BC and Canada and is exploring a pilot project to provide cell phones to our most vulnerable patients to promote continuity of medical care after discharge from the ED.

Current Members include:

Ka Wai Cheung

Niresha Velmurugiah

Navdeep Grewal

Kiran Rikhraj

James Liu

Jocelyn Andruko

Mike Bergunder

Garth Meckler

Current Projects include:

EDI Best Practices for Selection and Hiring Summary

Promotion, Retention, and Hiring for equitable, inclusive and diverse teams: