SEM President’s Letter – APRIL 2012

Save the Date:
Monday May 14th 2012
SEM Conference + AGM @ New Convention Centre (foot of Burrard)

April 30, 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Attendance at our AGM and Conference is very important. Please attend, or allow another of your group to attend by working that day.

>>Dinner before: The “Fifth Annual “conference preparedness dinner” will be heldSunday evening May 13th at the Teahouse Restaurant in Stanley Park @ 1800. Cost: $75 (we all pay our own way); our two speakers are our guests.

>>Conference: The Conference theme this year is “Better”: Patient Safety in BC Emergency Departments”. The conference has been approved for 4.75 MOC Section 1 and Mainpro M1 study credits. Guest Speakers: Pat Croskerry & Ross Berringer. Both speakers are world class, highly entertaining and thought provoking. Brochure attached. ContactGabrielle Lynch-Staunton to register for Conference and book the Sunday dinner.

>>AGM: Our Annual General Meeting (1330- 1530) follows the ½ day conference and lunch (see below). If you wish add an item to the agenda please contact the Executive via Gabrielle Lynch-Staunton.
>>APP meeting: (approx 1530-1700) there will be prolonged discussion of APP issues with Site leaders and representatives: review the BCMA/SEM’s latest attempts to engage Government of staffing issues, volume increases and overcrowding. This will include discussion of the recent “dry-run” of the Work-Load Model (WLM), and review of the attached APP guiding principles and highlights of the October 19, 2011 APP meeting. We will be creating strategy, tactics and the path forward. All APP sites should ensure that at least one representative from their site is in attendance who understands the WLM and can bring forward any of your group’s issues and interests for discussion. APP meeting agenda (draft) is attached. If you wish to add an item to the agenda please contact the Executive via Gabrielle Lynch-Staunton.
>>This Year’s AGM
 AGM: Our Annual General Meeting (1330- 1500) follows the ½-day conference and lunch. The attached AGM agenda (draft) includes two very important items:

I. Revision of SEM Constitution: The Executive reviewed our Constitution and have recommended revisions for you to accept or reject. On our website you can compare the 1987 Constitution’s last revision (2001) with our recommended revised Constitution (2012). Kevin Clark, the chair of the sub-committee that examined the document has prepared a “Cole’s Notes” summary of proposed changes that you can use to help make your review more efficient. Please come prepared to vote. Should you have recommendations for changes in wording or content, please forward these to the executive via Gabrielle Lynch-Staunton.
II. Members-at-Large & Executive: We will be experiencing a significant turnover of the Executive this year. SEM Executive Members-at-Large are chosen because of their interest, energy, and willingness to both represent the interests of all Emergency Physicians in the province and help with certain projects, proposals, issues and/or task: most designed to keep EP’s aligned in purpose, mutually trusting and united in resolve. Meetings are open to all Emergency docs, particularly Site Leaders and representatives. Most decisions are reached by consensus of all present in person and on conference call.

We have ongoing Members-at-Large task forces on:

·        Overcrowding

·        FFS issues

·        APP issues

·        NP/PA Physician extenders

We need Members-at-Large who can help with the following:

·        Webpage upkeep and ongoing design

·        Organization and accreditation of Annual SEM Conference & AGM (I would like CCFP(EM) doc for this)

I am proposing a new Committee to anticipate and address the growing influence of Health Authority decisions on our workplace efficiency and contractual obligations

·        Electronic Health Records/efficient & effective technology in the workplace

·        Relationships with UBC/clinical faculty contract and legal protection issues

·        Relations and negotiations with Health Authorities (payment for LEAN projects, committee work, etc)

·        Physician audits and credentialing

If you wish to put your name forward for a particular sub-committee of the SEM Executive please contact the Executive via Gabrielle Lynch-Staunton. If more individuals wish to be on a particular committee than needed, there will be a vote of the membership present at the AGM to determine who is appointed. Regardless, the entire SEM Executive will require membership approval during the AGM in May.

>>Representation of your group’s interests: SEM Executive Meetings.
 I prefer open meetings for almost all topics and issues. If you feel your group is not adequately represented on the SEM Executive, please show up and represent your group’s specific issues and interests.  Our next year’s schedule of SEM Executive meetings is:

·        Tuesday September 25th, 2012. 09:30 – 12:30

·        Tuesday November 27th, 2012. 09:30 – 12:30

·        Tuesday January 22th, 2013. 09:30 – 12:30

·        Tuesday March 26th, 2013. 09:30 – 12:30 (Alternative Tuesday April 2nd, 2013)

·        AGM & Conference Monday May 13, 20, or 27th, 2013

>>Help!: Proposed class proceeding regarding “MSP negative”
 If you have been refused payment for patients whose BC beneficiary’s coverage has been cancelled, please contact Arthur M. Grant, of Grant Kovacs Norell, Barristers & Solicitors. He is representing Jim Halvorson in a class action suit to obtain payment for “MSP negative” patients for physicians. They are trying to get you remuneration for your, as yet, unpaid work. Email Mr. Arthur Grant at: and his assistant at:


David A. Haughton
President, BCMA Section of Emergency Medicine
BCCH Emergency

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APP Guiding Principles and Highlights Oct 19 2011.pdf 30.04 kB